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 KingJeremy12's Admin Or Mod App

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PostSubject: KingJeremy12's Admin Or Mod App   Thu May 03, 2012 9:05 pm

• Forum Name : KingJeremy12

• First Name : Jeremy

• Age : 15 1/2

• Gender : Male

• Ingame Name : Kingjeremy12

• Contact ([This is OPTIONAL, we can PM you instead.]Steam/Skype/Aim/MSN/Email/etc.) : 9188132453 or pm ingame.

• Language(s) : English

• Timezone : Central

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________


• What is the FASTEST way we would be able to contact you for an emergency on the server/forums? : by my phone. ( 9188132453)

• would you mostly monitor the forums, or the server its self? : The server or forums.

• What do you think YOU have opposed to others applying? : I am very active unlike most. i am very helpful, and respectful to all players. i am also very very experienced.

• What can you bring to Surge_Scape: i can bring very active players to your server. im very active and dedicated to getting players.

• Are you willing to take orders and not get upset?: i am willing to take orders. i will do everything and anything asked by staff / owner.

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KingJeremy12's Admin Or Mod App
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