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 primal maul scams :S

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PostSubject: primal maul scams :S   Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:17 pm

heres ss one of the roll gyazo[dot]c0m/22936e40ada31f7b7506d392394ca5e7

heres what i would have won... gyazo[dot]c0m/83a99a60a5cc86655345a9db15449951

heres the trade accepted. gyazo[dot]c0m/f3665c11f1442026f44ac7d6242522f4

i would have won his bank but as it stands i still am missing pernix body which he has :S

this is basically all the eveidence i had Razz

edit i cant post links so you need ot change them to [dot] c0m
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primal maul scams :S
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